Wild on Wellbeing

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The fast changing world of work and increased demands on employers and employees mean that the connection between health and work has never felt so important. With this in mind, we consider 5 ways employers can promote a healthier working environment.

Assess your company culture
Company culture forms an essential part of a company's goals, structure and employee experience. Therefore, it is important to encourage a culture appropriate to your brand and stay true to it.

Consider the Physical Environment
The average person will spend over 90,000 hours of their lifetime in the workplace. With this in mind, it is important to consider how factors such as natural light, facilities and open-plan seating can impact on employee wellbeing.

Promote an active workforce
Not only does exercise help with stress relief, it can boost concentration, decrease fatigue and enhance overall cognitive functions. There are plenty of initiatives you can take to promote an active workforce, such as installing bike racks at your office, starting a running club or offering subsidised gym membership.

Train, educate and mentor
As your best resource, show prospective and existing employees that you want to invest in them. Make them aware of training opportunities, and be transparent about possible career paths. Successful mentoring programs drive greater employee satisfaction, better retention rates and increased worker well-being.

Think outside the box
Although it's great to have a long term employee engagement and retention strategy, sometimes small ad hoc initiatives can make a real different to employee wellbeing. For example, if the weather is nice, why not consider taking a meeting outside? The new surroundings may encourage a fresh perspective.