How to aid a successful hire.

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Without a thorough recruitment process, hiring mistakes can happen.

According to a 2020 CareerBuilder survey, nearly three in four small business employers (74%) say they've hired the wrong person for a position. This could mean when it comes to your hiring process you could need a fresh approach or at least an evaluation of your existing methods.

Here at Wild Berry Associates, our experienced team can assist with every part of the process and can advise best practice to avoid bad hires. Here’s our top five considerations on how to aid a successful hire in 2022:-

Job BriefCreate a job brief that truly reflects your company’s brand, vision and values and one that moves beyond job responsibilities by clearly defining the skills, knowledge and attributes suited to the role.

Selection Criteria

Have a clear understanding of the selection criteria and evaluate this objectively to match the requirement of the job. With a new position, consider what employee qualities would make a ‘perfect match’ for the role. However, if the position is existing, re-examine the attributes, experience and qualifications the previous employee brought to the role and address any advantages or problems your company may have experienced as a result.

Pre-employment Assessment

Assessment can be used as a predictive tool to effectively measure against the job brief and selection criteria in two ways. Firstly, by providing a way of disqualifying those candidates who may not be suited to the role and secondly allowing exceptional talent to stand out from the crowd. Assessments can take many forms from quantifiable skills assessment and standard tests to a project, samples of previous work and presentations.

The Candidate Experience

Always aim to deliver a high standard of candidate experience throughout the hiring process with an opportunity for two-way feedback. It also helps to make the experience a personal one. For example, during the interview process, candidates are more likely to engage with an organisation if they feel the company is interested in getting to know them, their aspirations and motivations in applying for the role instead of taking a ‘cookie cutter’ style approach.

Looking Beyond the Hiring Process.

After bringing in a new hire, it’s important to pay close attention to their performance. Place value on your existing team and employees by involving them in the evaluation of new hires to determine whether they’re a good fit early on. Consider your new hire’s specific strengths and find ways where they can grow those strengths to benefit the organisation.

One final point, with the increasing scarcity of quality candidates in the market, having a robust procedure in place will enable you to make confident and timely hiring decisions and avoid missing out on talent.