5 reasons to choose temporary work in London.

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Temporary jobs are becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. They can provide benefits like freedom, flexibility and a chance to gain new knowledge and skills.  

So here are 5 reasons why you should consider temporary work in London.

1. You can trial the job market.
London, of course, has an abundance of work opportunities. So if you're not quite settled on where you want your career to take you, or you're considering a change in industry, temporary work will allow you to trial the job market to find out where you best fit, before settling into a permanent position.

2. You'll quickly learn new skills and gain experience.
Often, temporary workers are brought in to solve or alleviate an immediate issue. So employers are focused on training you and arming you with the right skills pretty quickly. So if you have an area in mind that you want to home in on, finding a temporary role that covers it could give you a real boost, as well as sharpen your CV.

3. You're in control.
Flexible work is becoming increasingly popular, with new demands from workers for a better work-life balance.
Temporary work offers more freedom with work schedules and contract duration, allowing a better fit around your personal life and additional commitments.

4. You can grow your network.
London is a global city, and working in different temporary roles will have you rubbing shoulders with people in all kinds of industries and seniorities. Establishing connections and building relationships with these professionals could open the doors to lots of opportunities and result in a promising career.

5. You can build on your confidence.
Moving into a new permanent role is always daunting. But with a temporary position, it allows you to try new assignments and tasks with the peace of mind that you're not tied to the role. By learning and adapting with different temporary roles, you'll grow in both confidence and resilience, which will better prepare you for your career.

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