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Permanent employees are of course the embodiment of your organisation and they understand your ethos and the unique advantages you bring. The wrong recruitment decision can therefore be very detrimental to a company’s development in terms of time spent and sometimes damage caused. We recognise this at Wild Berry Associates and offer a completely consultative and results driven service.

Key benefits include;

  • The ability to provide carefully matched candidates
  • High level pre-screening and evaluation
  • Value alignment and positive client projection
  • Assessment design and private interview facilities
  • Post interview feedback and offer management
  • Ongoing partnership and accountability

We Consult. We Consider. We Get Results

''They are the most professional, helpful and proficient recruitment agency I have worked with…They are obviously selective in who they employ and who they send to clients and this sets them apart from the competition.”

Head Receptionist, TCS Media

“You are our most trusted supplier. I am also very glad to be able to work with you at a personal level as your sunny spirit translates in to passion in your work and helps build an excellent relationship.”

Programme Manager, Expedia

“The team have been excellent in immediately understanding our recruitment requirements… I would recommend them to anyone needing to recruit staff.”

HR Advisor, The Bar Council

“Thank you for such a fantastic bit of recruitment. People are starting to notice here about the quality of candidates. With the recent successes, our relationship is certainly proving to be excellent.”

Recruitment Advisor, Control Risk